How to put on a dog harness?

How to put on a dog harness

Why need fit your dog with a harness?

How to put on a dog harness? We need know why we should fit our dog with a harness first.Fitting your dog with a harness is very important for many reasons. if you don’t fit the harness correctly your dog,it could slip out of it which defeats the purpose of the harness. It could restrict his range of motion and his legs which is going to be very detrimental to your dog. It could make him extremely uncomfortable. it could also cause injury if it’s too tight there could be some some chafing, or it could actually cut in and give your dog the laceration. So you really need to make sure it’s very important to make the harness fit properly. If you pulled on the leash, or if your dog pulled on leash all of the pressure from a collar is going to be right on your dog’s neck and throat, so a harness spreads out that impact all along their chest which is much safer for your dog. It’s more comfortable for them, and it makes it easier for you as well when you’re walking your dogs.
how to put on a dog harness

How to choose a dog harness?

Harnesses are a great help when walking your dog. So there are many different types of harnesses, if you’re looking for a no pull harness you you need to do a little bit of research, and find the no-pull harness that you are comfortable with and the no-pull harness that’s going to be best for your dog. There are many different styles, some go wrap around the back legs and put pressure on the back legs, your dog pulls some of them wrap around the muzzle and put pressure on the muzzle, so depending on what you’re comfortable with and and obviously what your dog is comfortable with.

Below is the fit harness we recommend choose:


  • how to put on a dog harness
  • how to put on a dog harness
  • how to put on a dog harness
  • how to put on a dog harness

How to put on a dog harness

1:step into harness: this is most traditional kind of harnesses what you have. here is two places for your dogs pod, then the chest straps .you want one pod to step into one hole, you’re gonna get the other pot, you can lay this flat on the ground have your dog step into it. Then you’re just going to reach up around and buckle it for them.
2:CDs traditional harness put it right on the ground,sometimes certain harnesses are there’s a left and a right paw specifically. You lay that right on the ground, your dog will step into it , pull it up and around, there’s adjustment straps just like on a collar, you can just slide those back and forth, most of them are pretty standard.
3: You want to make sure that this chest piece is down lower than your dog’s neck, you don’t want it to be up here where the collar is,so you want that and across the chest here, don’t want it down here cutting across their shoulder blades.You can feel their shoulder blades,want it to be up here where it’s going to be comfortable, they have that full range of motion. Then the chest strap goes down here.
4. Some harnesses have a chest pad, it’s much wider like this. It would be in this whole area, then go underneath that’s a comfort thing. If you walk your dog frequently, you might want to try one with the chest the wider chest pad, that distributes the weight a little bit more. It is more comfortable for your dog,so the rule is the same standard rule for collars for tightness you want to be able to slip two fingers in here between the collar and between your dog’s um fur .

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